Rabi Pirzada lashes out at Mehwish Hayat, calls her ‘aunty’

Rabi Pirzada slams Mehwish Hayat over leaked 'Kashmir' video

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Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada lashed out at Mehwish Hayat, calling her an ‘aunty’ after a video leaked of the actress refusing to talk about Kashmir at a charity event.

Mehwish Hayat courted controversy a few days ago after a video leaked of the actress in which she avoids commenting on Kashmir.

A reporter asks her to say something about the people of Kashmir to which she responds:-

“No please. I have been asked not to say anything on Kashmir,” she said.

The video went viral and people accused the actress of selling out. She took to Twitter to clarify the issue.

“The leaked video is being taken out of context. I’ve been the most vocal on #Kashmir issue globally & will continue to do so. I have big plans for next steps. This was a charity event & was requested by the PR not to be political &not distract from the orphans I was there to help,” she tweeted.

Rabi Pirzada, however, slammed the actress and accused her of being afraid of India.

“Seriously, is she the one rewarded with “Tamghae Imtiaz”. Now u realise why every artist isn’t talking about Kashmir, cause they are scared to make India angry,” she wrote in her Instagram post. Listen Aunti, we don’t want ur voice , i am on my mission.”