After Modi, Rabi Pirzada turns her gun on Imran Khan

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Pakistani singer and TV personality Rabi Pirzada made headlines in India and Pakistan earlier this week after she called out Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over abrogation of special Kashmir status.

In a video message that went viral on social media, the actress was seen holding several snakes to warn Modi of the consequences of his actions in Indian-occupied Kashmir. She even sits across from a crocodile singing a song against Modi.

Tensions have soared between India and Pakistan ever since New Delhi scrapped Article 370 of the Indian constitution.

She took to Instagram and slammed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, likening him to a dog.

After snakes & a crocodile, Rabi Pirzada ‘prepares’ a lion for Modi

However, in her latest video, the actress appears to have turned her gun on Prime Minister Imran Khan, reminding him of his past promises.

The actress, reading a poem, called out PM Imran Khan for foreign borrowing, inflation, rising cost of living, lack of preparations for the government and other issues.

Rabi Pirzada suggested that PM Khan had turned out to be more brutal than his predecessors.