Lahore court issues arrest warrants for Rabi Pirzada

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LAHORE: A court issued arrest warrants for singer Rabi Pirzada on Friday. The actress is charged with keeping exoitc pets as wild animals.

Media reports claimed that arrest warrants for the actress had been issued after a video of Rabi–from a few days ago–went viral in which snakes and a crocodile can be seen.

Rabi was issued a challan by the wildlife department after her video went viral in which she lashed out at Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said that these snakes and reptiles were so that they could ‘feast on him’.

Pirzada was summoned by the court but she did not attend the hearing today.

Speaking to The National Courier, Pirzada had lashed out at the wildlife department and told them that she was not afraid of them. She went so far as to call them ‘Modi’s friends’.