PM Imran urges ISNA to draw West’s attention towards RSS ideology

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has urged the Muslim community of North America to draw the West’s attention towards BJP’s ideology of hatred and Hindu supremacy.

Addressing the Islamic Society of North America via video call, PM Khan said Islam is a religion of peace and teaches to live with peace. The act of one person cannot be attributed to that of whole community.

He said Muslim places of worship were also attacked in Europe.

Referring to the situation in Occupied Kashmir, he said Kashmiris are under siege for the last 28 days. “The incumbent Indian regime is a follower of RSS, an ideology of hatred and supremacist.”

The PM said the West will have to understand the philosophy of RSS in order to think clearly of this problem. The same philosophy led to carnage of Muslims in Indian state of Gujarat earlier.

“We are talking of a country of one billion people with nuclear weapons and extreme ideology and philosophy.”

“What the Nazi party proved was that a small highly organised ideologically motivated group could actually take over a country. “That is what has happened in India. An extreme ideology has taken over India.”

He urged ISNA to raise awareness of what was happening in occupied Kashmir.