Pakistan will never start a war with India: PM Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan promised that his government would take steps to issue multiple entry visas to Sikhs visiting their holy places in Pakistan.

Speaking at the International Sikh Convention in Lahore on Monday, PM Khan said his government has already introduced a new visa regime to promote tourism in the country.

“Unfortunately due to the past culture, things are taking time to change. But he will do all he can to facilitate the Sikh community,” he said.

He said establishing good relations with India was his priority after coming into power but unfortunately there was no response from Indian side who behaved as if India was some super power.

He said Pakistan offered to resolve long-standing issue of Kashmir with dialogue as wars are not solution to any dispute.

Imran Khan said RSS has a racist ideology, inspired by Hitler’s Nazism.

He said this ideology is not only a threat to Muslims but to other religions too. He said RSS is victimizing Muslims and Christians and later it will also be targeting Dalits and Sikhs in India.

“80 lakhs (8 million) Kashmiris have been under siege for the past 28 days. How can we stay silent on this? I would have raised my voice even if they were not Muslims and belonged to some other faith,” he said.

He warned the world that further escalation between Pakistan and India could lead to a nuclear war, but he added that Pakistan would not use nuclear weapons first.