PIA to add 14 more aircraft to its fleet: aviation minister

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) will add 14 more aircraft to its fleet by 2023, according to the aviation minister.

Federal Minister for Aviation Ghulam Sarwar told the media that the PTI-led government wanted to increase the number of aircraft in the national flag bearer’s fleet.

He said that currently, the PIA had 31 aircraft. This would be increased to 45.

“We have developed a business plan for PIA which has been approved by the prime minister,” he said.

Sarwar further disclosed that the aircraft would be bought instead of being obtained on dry or wet lease.

A dry lease is when an aircraft is provided to an airline on payment to be made monthly or on yearly basis. However, the aircraft is provided without crew, maintenance or insurance.

A wet lease is when the payment is made according to the number of hours operated and when the aircraft is provided with a crew, maintenance and insurance.

Sarwar said that four Airbuses would be added to the PIA while four planes, including two ATRs, which had remained grounded for technical reasons, would be made functional by this year.

He praised the management of the PIA by claiming that stellar decisions had increased the revenue of the airline by 45 percent. Sarwar said that the update plans were made by the PIA utilising its own resources.

He said that the national flag carrier had not taken a grant or bailout package from the government.