People Call Out Waqar Zaka for Taking Credit For Malala’s Activism For Kashmir

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Waqar Zaka, a well-known television host, recently criticised Malala Yousafzai on Twitter for not actively protesting against the injustices done towards Kashmiris, threatening to unfollow her.

Shortly afterwards, Malala posted a Twitter thread outlining all the work she had been doing to aid Kashmiris, such as contacting Kashmiri journalists and humanitarians so that the people of Kashmir could let their voices be heard. She has also been asking leaders from UNGA and beyond to work towards peace in Kashmir.

Despite the fact that she had been carrying out work for a week, Waqar claimed that she had been prompted to do this work after watching his video, which had only come out at the end of said week.

He was lambasted on Twitter for taking credit for Malala’s activism, especially since he had said that he had unfollowed her.

Even if Waqar Zaka may not agree, Malala has been doing a lot of good work to help Kashmir and continues to do so and be a beacon of change in the world.