PBA rejects the proposal for establishment of Media Courts

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Karachi: The Pakistan Broadcasters Association (PBA) has rejected the government’s suggestion of establishing Media Courts.

In a statement released on Wednesday, PBA asked the government to reveal the real purpose of the proposed media courts.

An incomplete document was shared with PBA a day earlier which provided no factual details, purpose, need or intent for establishing these courts. It seems to be another effort to
control media and restrict freedom of expression.

The statement further added that coming from a government which had made pre-election
promises to uphold independence of media and encourage freedom of expression and is now
already struggling to justify media curbs.

Terming the suggestion ‘ill-advised’, the statement further asked the government to immediately abandon the proposal.

“There already exist laws, courts and regulatory authorities in the country
to deal with media related issues. As such there existed no justification for these media
courts,” the statement added.

The response came a day after the government approved a plan to form ‘‘media courts’’ in an unprecedented move, aimed at seeking speedy disposal of media-related cases within a particular time limit of 90 days.

The plan was approved by the federal cabinet on Tuesday at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan at the PM Office.