Joining America’s war after 9/11 was Pakistan’s biggest blunder: PM

PM Khan speaks to American think tank

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WASHINGTON: Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Monday that joining the War on Terror after 9/11 was Pakistan’s ‘biggest blunder’.

The prime minister was speaking to an American think tank when he said that it was Pakistan’s ‘darkest period’ when it joined America’s War on Terror.

“Seventy thousand Pakistanis lost their lives in this war,” he said. “People say $150bn in losses were suffered, some Pakistani economists put the figure at $200bn.”

Khan said that Pakistan had been training militants to fight the Russians.

“We had been telling the Russians again and again that to fight foreign occupation is jihad,” he said. “All of a sudden, after 9/11, America started calling the same people it labelled freedom fighters as terrorists.”

Khan said that he was thankful that President Trump had realised that it was time to end the war. However, he expressed disappointment over the stalemate that had reached between all sides when it came to the Afghan peace process.

“I am disappointed. President Trump should have spoken to me before suspending dialogue. I’ll meet him tomorrow, hopefully I can convince him,” he said.

Army stands behind every policy of mine: Prime Minister Khan

In response to a question, Khan said that relations between the armed forces and his government were civil.

“A civilian leadership has moral authority–a military has physical power,” he said. “In the past the military moved in due to lack of authority of the civilians. These were corrupt, inept governments who were not liked by the military,” he added.

Khan said that whether it be the Kartarpur Corridor initiative or the Afghan peace process, he said that the Pakistan Army was on the same page with him.

There is only one Islam 

Responding to a question concerning blasphemy or terror incidents involving Muslims, PM Khan said he has heard people speaking of modern Islam and radical Islam, but in his idea there exists only one islam which is following Prophet (peace be upon him) in his footsteps.