Outrage after another spate of child killings in Kasur

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Kasur is grappling with another spate of child killings, police said, confirming that remains of at least missing children have been found dumped in the city.

According to the police, at least three children who had been missing in Kasur for 75 days were found buried in Chunian Industrial Area.

All three victims were sexually assaulted before being killed and buried, according to preliminary police investigations.

The victims were identified as 12-year-old Imran, a resident of Rana Town, eight-year-old Ali Hasnain and nine-year old Salman. Another eight-year-old boy Faizan also went missing on September 16.

In a statement, the inspector-general of police (IGP) for Punjab, Arif Nawaz Khan, said there seemed to be similarities in the incidents of child abduction and murder.

A special team — led by the superintendent of police (SP) for investigation in Kasur, Quddus Baig — has been dispatched in this regard and the IGP has directed them to present an initial report in six hours.

Netizens took to popular social media websites to press for state action against the new spate of violence aimed at children.