Not promoting homosexuality, will go to court against Sialvi: Imaan Hazir

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Imaan Mazari, daughter of Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari, has come forward confronting a youth parliamentarian for allegedly triggering hate movement against her for a year.

#WeAreShaheerSialvi is trending on Twitter after a series of her video messages began circulating on the internet, in which she threatened him of taking the matter to court after police investigation as he is inciting public towards her for violence.

“Shaheer Sialvi is making false allegations against me that I speak against Pakistan and Islam, and is accusing me of promoting homosexuality in the country,” she said in one of her videos.

Terming Sialvi’s allegations as ‘false and baseless’, she further stressed that such accusations and hatred can become life-threatening for her.

Mazari’s response came after the latter made several videos against her, calling her out for allegedly targeting Pakistan Army.