Mohsin Abbas Haider’s alleged girlfriend Nazish Jahangir hit out at haters

In her latest Instagram post, Nazish Jahangir gives a piece of her mind to haters

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Nazish Jahangir, who has been accused of having an affair with actor Mohsin Abbas Haider, lashed out at critics via her latest Instagram post.

Nazish Jahangir was accused of having a fling with Mohsin Abbas Haider by the latter’s wife, Fatema Sohail, a few months ago.

Fatema had alleged that Mohsin had been cheating on her with Nazish and had beaten her up while she was pregnant with her child.

Mohsin had denied the allegations and claimed that Fatema had lied about her bruises. However, the matter seems to have reached its end–for now, at least–as Fatema was granted a Khula by a court a few days ago.

However, the hate for Nazish Jahangir hasn’t stopped. The model has taken to Instagram and time and again, lashed out at people for criticising her and calling her a home-breaker.

In her latest Instagram post, she put up a picture of herself, smiling away. However, one of the hashtags she used in the post was” #LetThemBark.

Do you think the hate for Nazish would cool down in the days to come? Let us know what you think about it.