In this video, Naimal Khawar tells girls how to have beautiful skin

A video of Hamza Ali Abbasi's wife is going viral over the internet

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A video of Pakistani actress Naimal Khawar Khan is going viral over the internet in which she tells girls how to have a glowing and beautiful skin.

Though the video seems to be old and is not new, it has gone viral on the internet. Perhaps people knew less about Naimal before she tied the knot with Hamza Ali Abbasi. Oh well.

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In the video, Naimal gives tips on how to have beautiful skin. The actress claims that she drinks a lot of water on a daily basis to ensure that she has a glowing skin.

Naimal tells people not to consume tea and coffee in large amounts.

“Tea and coffee’s ingredient caffeine makes your skin dry. You should stop consuming tea. If you can’t, then have very less of it,” she says in the video.

She then advises girls to keep their skin damp most of the time. Naimal said that most women leave their makeup on their faces for several hours.

This, however, damages their skin. Naimal then said that women must eat coconut, almonds and use olive oil for a better skin.

So, if you want a glowing, beautiful skin like Naimal Khawar’s, better make use of her tips!