Naimal’s baby is on the way: Woman who claims to be Hamza’s first wife

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Naimal is expecting Hamza Ali Abbasi’s baby, alleges the woman who claims to be the actor’s first wife, in an Instagram post.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar’s wedding affair was one without much controversy or fanfare. The power couple tied the knot in a simple ceremony followed by a valima.

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Fans of both the actors praised them for keeping their wedding under wraps and not spending lavishly or making a big show of their wedding.

However, a woman named Aneela Veryamani took to Twitter and claimed that Hamza was her husband and that Naimal had ‘stolen’ him from her. The Twitter account that made the claims featured the picture of a woman and claimed that she was from Umerkot.

Aneela took to Instagram and claimed that Naimal was expecting Hamza’s first child. She also alleged that the two had tried to keep it a hushed affair and had hence gotten married to keep the matter quiet.

Fans commented against Aneela, urging her to stop hating on Hamza and provide solid proof that she was indeed his first wife.

So far, the woman has not been able to come up with any credible proof that she was married to Hamza ever.