PM Khan undoubtedly most popular leader at the UN: Naeem ul Haque

Everyone at the UNGA rushes to shake Khan's hand or take a selfie, says Naeem ul Haque

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ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan Naeem ul Haque, said on Wednesday that the prime minister was the most popular leader at the United Nations General Assembly.

Taking to Twitter, Naeem ul Haque said that everyone at the UNGA rushed to take a selfie with the prime minister or shake his hand.

He said that the prime minister was fighting the case of the people of Kashmir at the global forum.

“PM Imran Khan has undoubtedly become the most popular world leader at the UN General Assembly. As everyone rushes to shake his hand or tries for a selfie , the PM has been having non stop meetings with world leaders and addressing critical issues like climate change and health,” she tweeted.

Prime Minister Khan is in New York where he has conducted meetings with world leaders, including President Trump. He said a few days ago that his primary reason for being at the UNGA was to raise his voice for the people of occupied Kashmir.