Netizens furious with Pakistani celebs for having fun at Muzaffarabad rally

Furious netizens clammed a TV anchor and singer Fakhir for having fun during a rally for the Kashmir cause

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MUZAFFARABAD: Netizens are furious at singer Faakhir Mehmood and anchor Fe’reeha Idrees for ‘having fun’ at a Kashmir protest rally in Muzaffarabad.

Journalist and anchor Fe’reeha Idrees and Faakhir Mehmood were spotted laughing as they sang the song ‘India Ja Ja Kashmir Se Nikal Ja’ during the Muzaffarabad rally held a few days ago.

The rally was meant to highlight Indian atrocities in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan had been present and addressed the rally as well.

Furious netizens took to Twitter and slammed both Faakhir and Fe’reeha for having fun at the rally as if they had arrived on a ‘picnic’.

Fe’reeha took to Twitter and answered her critics. She said that Faakhir was there to sing his famous song ‘India Ja Ja Kashmir Se Nikal Ja’ and stated that she expected better from Imtiaz Alam, a fellow journalist.