Journalist accuses Pakistani YouTuber Mooroo of harassment

Fazeelat Aslam, a co-producer of the Oscar-winning Saving Face, has accused Mooroo of harassment

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A Los Angeles-based filmmaker Fazeelat Aslam has accused Pakistani YouTuber Taimur Salahuddin, aka Mooroo, of harassing her, on Friday.

Fazeelat and Mooroo worked together on a song a few years back that also featured rapper Faris Shafi. Taking to her Instagram story, Fazeelat revealed how Faris had been a complete gentleman but Mooroo had harassed her.

In a #FlashbackFriday post, Fazeelat disclosed how Mooroo had insisted she do a scene on a bed with him. When she refused citing the reason that it would make her uncomfortable, he called her an unprofessional.

“Mooroo is a fuckboi but Faris Shafi is my bro,” she said.

She narrated the details in another story.

“Mooroo insisted I do a scene in the same bed as him. When I said I was uncomfortable he said I wasn’t a professional and became very passive aggressive. I should have walked off the set,” she wrote.

Fazeelat claimed that Mooroo had told her during a conversation that when men and women had sex, up until a certain point, men couldn’t stop even if women told them to.

“Trigger warning: rape,” she wrote.

Mooroo attracted controversy after he justified rape, molestation and child abuse.

“Rape, molestation, homosexuality all exists in nature. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong that’s the point nature has no morality, it’s a survival game,” she wrote.

He also used a Wikipedia post to defend his controversial viewpoint. A few weeks ago when another popular YouTuber Ukhano was accused of sexual harassment, Mooroo had thrown his weight behind Ukhano and slammed the ‘cancel culture’.