A reporter tried to mock Misbah with ‘Tuk Tuk’ question & here’s what happened

Misbah had an epic reply up his sleeve for the reporter

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LAHORE: A sports reporter tried to make fun of Head Coach and Chief Selector Misbah-ul-Haq but the cricket stalwart had a witty reply up his sleeve.

Pakistani cricketer Misbah ul Haq has led the team to several glories in the past. He has the honour of being the most successful Test captain of all time.

However, that still doesn’t mean the media has stopped taking shots at him. The former captain is back in the limelight after the PCB appointed him head coach and chief selector of the national cricket team.

Misbah was holding a press conference the other day when a reporter tried to mock him with a Tuk Tuk question.

“Abid Ali, Imam ul Haq and other batsmen are doing more ‘Tuk Tuk’ and less hard-hitting. When you were batting as well, you used to hit less and do more ‘Tuk Tuk’. In the capacit of a head coach and a batting coach, will you allow them to hit less and do more ‘Tuk Tuk’?” asked the reporter.

Pat came the response from Misbah.

“I think there’s more emphasis on Tuk Tuk in your question,” he said, as the audience laughed. “Looks like you didn’t get the car today. Or looks like someone tried to teach you this question to make me angry,” he added, with a smile.

Misbah ul Haq, polite and witty as ever, takes the reporter on and leaves him dumbfounded. Well done!