Another Indian MiG-21 crashes and Pakistanis can’t help but laugh…

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Pakistani Twitterati couldn’t help but laugh as another Indian MiG-21 jet crashed on Wednesday morning, causing further embarrassment to the Indian Air Force.

For all the threats that it makes, the Indian Air Force cannot help but keep crashing its aircraft even on routine flying missions.

An Indian Group Captain and a Squadron Leader were able to eject themselves safely from the MiG-21. However, it wasn’t enough to keep Pakistanis from laughing themselves silly.

On February 27, Pakistan shot down two IAF jets that had intruded into Pakistani airspace. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was captured and arrested by Pakistan’s security forces.

Abhinandan was released after being held captive for 68 hours. Prime Minister Khan called it a ‘peace gesture’ towards India.