Mahira Khan’s sensual photo shoot attracts controversy

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Mahira Khan remains at the centre of attention for her charisma whether one speaks of her acting career or her real-life persona.

While controversy finds its way wherever there is fame, the actress did not hesitate in going ahead in her career along the modelling line and released a fresh photoshoot in a western attire recently.

In a short viral video of her recent shoot, Mahira can be seen making sensual expressions as she poses in western attire.

However, some users on social media were quite triggered to see the 34-year-old Superstar embracing western attire and went on to shame her for various reasons.

On the other hand, Mahira has been batting away all the criticism with sealed lips, except when she was criticised by a fellow celebrity Firdous Jamal for calling her ‘mediocre’ and ‘overrated’, which she responded to in a calm manner.