We will fight to the end, Prime Minister Khan warns India and the world

Prime Minister Khan's powerful speech at the UNGA exposed Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir

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NEW YORK: Prime Minister Imran Khan is making his first speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) where he is expected to also raise the issue of occupied Kashmir, on Friday.

Prime Minister Khan, in his debut speech, started off by shedding light on the importance of climate change and what the world needs to do.

“When my government came to power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa five years ago, we planted one billion trees,” he said. “Our glaciers are melting at a rapid pace and this is very, very alarming. I hope the United Nations takes a lead on this and hold accountable the countries who are contributing to pollution because Pakistan only contributes a miniscule amount to it,” he added.

Prime Minister Khan said that the second reason he came to the United Nations was to raise the issue of money laundering.

“I don’t understand–why are there tax heavens where you can park money stolen from other countries?” he asked. “Why are the rich countries not helping the poor countries with these funds? When I came to power, billions of rupees were parked in accounts in Western countries,” he added.
Prime Minister Khan urged the UN to take the lead on this as well.

“How else do you expect us to spend on human developemnt, which the United Nations want us to do?” he asked.

Prime Minister Khan then spoke about Islamophobia in the West. He said that it was regrettable how the ‘hijab’ was considered a weapon in Western countries.

“A woman can take off her clothes but if she wears a hijab, then that’s a problem,” he said. “That’s a problem in some countries.”

Khan said that this concept of ‘Islamic terrorism’ was really the cause of the problem.

“There’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism. There’s only Islam. There’s no moderate Islam nor extremist Islam. The Islam that exists is followed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),” he said.

Khan said that religion had nothing to do with terrorism. He said that religion was based on compassion and justice. He said that religion was perceived in a very different manner in the West than in the East.

Khan said that the fault lay with Muslim leaders who were unable to explain to the people of West how Islam was not associated with terrorism.

“I believe the Muslim leaders have also let down us Muslims,” he said. “We didn’t do our job of clarifying and explaining how Islam was not linked to terrorism,” he added.

Khan said that Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lives inside the hearts of the Muslims. He said that the pain of the heart was much more than the pain of a physical nature.

“This is why Muslims react. We love Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and do not want anyone to insult him. It gives us pain. We want the world to treat Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the same sensitivity that they treat the holocaust, which was one of the worst incidents in history. That’s all we ask,” he added.

Khan on occupied Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan then shed light on the issue of occupied Kashmir. He recounted how Pakistan had suffered after the Afghanistan war and 9/11 when Pakistan Army had to fight the same forces they had created.

“So when we came into power, we decided we will have to dismantle these groups,” he said. “This decision was taken by all political parties in power. Unfortunately, they didn’t implement this decision. However, we did,” he added.

Khan said that his government decided to mend fences with Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and Iran.

“I love going to India. I have a great following in India due to my cricketing career. Cricket is a passion in the subcontinent,” he said.

Khan said that it was disappointing how India had bombed Pakistan in response to the Pulwama attack.

“India claimed that they had killed 350 terrorists. All they did was kill 10 trees,” he said, as the audience applauded. “It was still painful though.”

Khan said that Modi was a lifetime member of the RSS ideology. He said that the RSS’ ideology was to impose Hindu superiority over Hindus and Christians.

“All you need to do is Google this. This is the age of information and you have everything on your fingertips. Google the ideology that Golwalkar peddled. This is the same ideology that got the great Mahatma Gandhi killed,” he added.

Khan said that Modi had treated women, children and the elderly like animals in Indian-held Kashmir.

“Thirteen thousand boys in Kashmir have been picked up to God knows where,” he said. “They’ve already used pellet guns in Kashmir and blinded boys. What do you think will happen there? There will be a bloodbath,” he added.

Prime Minister Khan said that India will face another Pulwama attack and will then face Pakistan.
“We will be facing each other once again like we faced each other in February,” said Imran Khan.

Khan said that it was the responsibility of the international community to ensure that the people of Kashmir are given their due rights.

“What do you think the people of Kashmir are thinking right now? What do you think 1.3 billion Muslims across the globe are thinking? What do you think the Indian Muslims are thinking? If I am a Kashmiri Muslim, I would want to pick up a gun,” he added.

Khan said that now was not the time for the world to appease India.

“The world is back to 1939. What will the world do–will it appease a market of 1.2 billion people or will it deliver justice?” he asked.

Khan said that if Pakistan is faced with no option, it will have to fight.

“And we will fight to the end,” he said, as the audience clapped.

Khan then turned to the United Nations and said that it was a test for them what Modi was doing in India.

“You promised them the right to self-determination,” he said. “In the real meaning, it is your test,” he added.

Khan demanded that India lift the ‘inhuman’ siege in Kashmir.