Lahore-based model accused of kidnapping, money laundering

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A Lahore-based model was accused of money laundering and kidnapping for ransom by National Accountability Bureau (NAB), on Monday.

According to, NAB officials have requested DF FIA to take action against Sofia Mirza, an actress and model who has been accused of kidnapping for ransom, money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

However, speaking to The Express Tribune, Mirza said that there was no truth to the allegations against her. She said that her ex-husband was behind the damaging news.

“This is a conscious attempt by my husband to spread fake news about me, so that the settlement of our children and assets can go in his favour,” she said.

Mirza denied that she had been approached by an NAB official regarding the alleged case. It is important to mention here that the actress was involved in a case pertaining to a fraud and kidnapping case, two years ago.

Pakistani supermodel Ayyan Ali was arrested from Islamabad airport in 2015. The supermodel was arrested by Airport Security Force personnel after it was found that she was carrying more than USD500,000 without the State Bank of Pakistan’s permission.

Ayyan was sent to Adiala Jail in Rawalpindi after her name was put on the Exit-Control List (ECL). However, she was freed on bail and the supermodel left for Dubai.