Kashmir situation may escalate way beyond Indian sub-continent: PM

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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has warned that an further escalation between nuclear-armed South Asian rivals Pakistan and India may lead to an unimaginable fallout, urging the world to intervene.

In an interview with Russia Today, PM Khan said the explosive situation in Kashmir could escalate way beyond the Indian subcontinent and urged on the global community to help prevent the conflict from spiraling into a nuclear hotspot with unimaginable consequences.

Khan reminded that it would be the first time when two nuclear-armed countries come face to face after the Cuban crisis of 1962.


Addressing a large gathering at Muzaffarabad yesterday, Prime Minister Khan said only cowards inflict cruelties on people the way Indian forces have been doing by imposing a clampdown in Kashmir.

“I chose to become Kashmir’s ambassador because I am a Pakistani, a Muslim and above all a human being. It is a humanitarian issue”.

Khan said Modi’s only purpose is to spew hatred against Muslims, which is also the agenda of RSS.

“RSS has only two purposes to serve; India is only for Hindus. Muslims, Christians and  other minorities are not equal citizens. “They wanted to teach a lesson to Muslims for ruling India for centuries,” he added.