Did Junaid Khan take a dig at Aiman, Minal Khan?

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Pakistani singer and actor Junaid Khan may have slighted twin sisters and actresses, Aiman Khan and Minal Khan when he talked about certain celebrities during a recent interview.

Junaid Khan, in a recent interview, took aim at celebrities who uploaded pictures of their families on social media.

Speaking to Shaista Lodhi, Junaid said that he had stopped uploading his family’s pictures and videos on social media after getting a few responses.

“Social media is a free world. You can’t stop anyone from saying anything there. I uploaded a few pictures there and some people gave positive comments while others were very negative,” he said.

Junaid said that he could bear it when there were negative comments from people on his pictures. However, when people said negative things about his family, he could not bear it.

It was then that he said that there were some celebrities who purposely uploaded pictures of their families on social media.

“There are certain celebrities who have their pictures uploaded on social media as it helps in their branding and marketing,” he said.

Could Junaid Khan be taking a swipe at Aiman and Minal Khan? Aiman was quite angry when someone leaked pictures from her baby shower on social media a few weeks ago.

Or maybe he’s referring to Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz, the two who frequently upload their pictures on Instagram?