Iqra Aziz tells fans what type of a man Yasir Hussain is…

Fans of Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, you'd want to see this!

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Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz recently took to Instagram to tell her fans what type of a man, her fiance, Yasir Hussain is. Here’s what you need to know, guys.

Iqra and Yasir both professed their love to the world during the Lux Style Awards 2019, a few months ago. While some people were ticked off, Iqra and Yasir didn’t care. The two love each other immensely and never shy away from telling the world that.

Taking to her Instagram story, Iqra recently told people what type of a man Yasir was. She uploaded a video of her and Yasir, in which the latter is driving a car. Apparently the two were on a date and Iqra advised women to be with a man like Yasir.

“Get yourself a man who doesn’t mind if you take a little too long to get ready,” she wrote as caption.

Wow. We’re impressed with Yasir and how much he values his fiance. Team natcour wishes the two the very best for their future.

A few days ago, a picture went viral on social media in which Iqra can be seen in a wedding dress and she’s standing next to Yasir and famous designer Nomi Ansari.

Hmm, that certainly puts one mystery to bed–Iqra has chosen Nomi Ansari as the designer for her wedding dress.

Earlier, the ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ actress stated her admiration for Yasir for being bold enough to propose to her publicly.

“I was so into him–so absorbed into the moment as to what he was doing and the words he was saying,” she had said. “It takes a lot of guts for a man to express himself like that, in front of the whole fraternity,” she added.

Iqra spoke about how people had slammed both her and Yasir for their PDA during the awards show.

“People were like ‘ugh’ but that has always been the case. I think they’d even want to come to our honeymoon,” she said. “They’d want to be like ‘Don’t go alone, we are coming to your honeymoon as well’,” she said.