Iqra Aziz gives Yasir Hussain an autograph that will melt your heart

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Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain, though controversial, are on the most popular couples in Pakistan’s entertainment circuit.

A couple of months ago, fans were taken aback when Yasir publicly proposed to her at the Lux Style Awards 2019. Iqra said yes and the way Yasir kissed her cheeks after that became controversial.

However, fans of the two have come to terms with their love life after that. Yasir took to his Instagram story and shared an autograph from Iqra.

The actress had written on his hand: “Iqra love you.”

“I got the autograph,” he wrote, as Iqra can be seen in the background.

A few months ago, Iqra had spoken to the BBC Asian News Network about the response from the public regarding Yasir’s proposal to her.

“I was so into him–so absorbed into the moment as to what he was doing and the words he was saying,” she said. “It takes a lot of guts for a man to express himself like that, in front of the whole fraternity,” she had said.

Iqra had spoken about how people had slammed both her and Yasir for their PDA during the awards show.

“People were like ‘ugh’ but that has always been the case. I think they’d even want to come to our honeymoon,” she said. “They’d want to be like ‘Don’t go alone, we are coming to your honeymoon as well’,” she had said.

The actress said that she was cool with the spotlight as she felt that this was the life both Yasir and she chose.

“There’s going to be the good words and compliments. Then there’s going to be critical as well. I don’t mind being criticised a bit,” she said.

We wish the two all the very best for the future.