International Day of Peace comes along as UN calls for climate action

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International Day of Peace is being observed around the world on 21 September.

Nations began observing the day of peace after the united nations member states adopted the 17 sustainable Development Goals in 2015, recognizing that the goal to peace could only be achieved through economic and social development everywhere, and ensuring that people’s rights are protected.

The goals also flag the need for climate action at the earliest, which can be possible by lowering greenhouse emissions, building resilience and improving education on climate change.

As the theme draws attention to the importance of combatting climate change. In this regard, thousands from various countries came out on streets and roads to demand climate action yesterday.

Climate activists and concerned civilians continue to address the threats to international peace and security— given that natural disasters displace three times as many people as conflicts, forcing millions to leave their homes and seek safety elsewhere.

The day of peace is taking place during the week of the Global Climate Strike, coinciding with the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 which takes place on 23rd September 2019.

In the lead up to the International Day of Peace on 21 September, the United Nations calls upon all to take action to tackle climate change.