Indian police officer plays cricket in occupied Kashmir, video gets trolled

An Indian police officer's attempt to show that 'Aal is well' in Kashmir has backfired

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SRINAGAR: Pakistanis have trolled to no end a video of an Indian police officer playing cricket with a couple of Kashmiri kids in an attempt to show all is right in India.

It has been more than a month since Kashmir has been under lockdown. The province continues to suffer from shortage of food, medicines and communications blockade after New Delhi revoked Article 370 of the constitution.
However, an Indian police officer tried to show the world that ‘Aal is well’ (you may recall the famous phrase from Aamir Khan’s movie ‘3 Idiots’) by playing cricket on a road in occupied Kashmir with some kids.

Pakistanis took to social media and trolled the hell out of the video, wondering why the entire occupied territory had to be locked down for an Indian police officer to safely play cricket with some kids.

Some pointed out how children should be in schools and not playing cricket on the roads.

Social media has given its verdict–that video isn’t fooling anyone!