Indian journalist tries to troll PM Khan, gets embarrassed on live TV

Anjana Om Kashyap tried to be clever with a donkey jibe--watch what happened next...

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An Indian journalist–Anjana Om Kashyap–tried to be smart and troll Prime Minister Khan on national TV with a cheeky remark but got embarrassed on live television by a Pakistani panelist instead.

Indian journalists have always beaten war drums against Pakistan and given space to jingoism in their talkshows.

Recently, a famous Indian anchor, Anjama Om Kashyap, was talking about the ongoing crisis between India and Pakistan. There were a number of panelists on her show.

Anjana was criticising Prime Minister Imran Khan’s decision to take on India and expose the atrocities of the Indian armed forces in occupied Kashmir.

Anjana has previously made silly remarks against Prime Minister Khan, poking fun at him for driving Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

“I guess it seems like there’s a need for donkeys to drive around in New York, isn’t it Arzu? she asked a panelist on her show.

The panelist’s retort put Kashyap in her place. Perfectly.

“No, we don’t want cars to be driven by donkeys here. In fact, we left all donkeys in India at the time of partition,” said the Pakistani panelist named Arzu, leaving Kashyap speechless on live TV.

Now THAT’s what you call a burn!