Indian Army ready to take action in Azad Kashmir, says Gen Bipin Rawat

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India’s Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat said on Thursday that their army was ready to take action in Azad Kashmir, as ties between India and Pakistan deteriorate.

Speaking to ANI, General Bipin said that the Indian Army was always ready to take action.

“The Army is always ready (Sena to hamesha taiyar rehti hai),” he said.

However, the Indian Army chief was quick to mention that a decision in this regard had to be taken by the Indian government. He said that the other institutions will react when the government instructs them to.

General Bipin said that what was happening in Jammu and Kashmir was for the people themselves. He urged the people of occupied Kashmir to give the Indian security forces and the administration a chance to bring about peace in the region.

“It is necessary for the people of Jammu Kashmir to understand that what is happening there is for them only. When the government has given certain instructions…Article 370 has been scrapped…all this has been done to integrate Jammu and Kashmir with India.”

The Indian Army chief commented on Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s slip of the tongue as well. Qureshi had mistakenly referred to occupied Kashmir as the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir a few days ago.

“We are very happy listening to this, as you are. This is the truth. This is the reality,” he said.