10 reasons why Imran Khan’s speech was the best by any Pakistani PM at UN

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NEW YORK: He came, he saw, he conquered. Prime Minister Khan, take a bow. You’ve told the world you’re a statesman and more than a billion Muslims around the globe that you can stand up to the West and represent them with dignity and bravery.

Here are 10 reasons why we think Prime Minister Khan’s speech at the United Nations was the best by any Pakistani prime minister.

1. He didn’t just make it about India

News channels in India flashed ‘Petty Pakistan not on Modi’s agenda’ all day yesterday. India thought Pakistan was not important enough to be mentioned. Khan made them feel the same way, in little ways.

The prime minister began his speech and spoke passionately about climate change, Islamophobia and other issues before he TORE into India.

2. He talked about corruption and slammed the West for creating tax heavens

Prime Minister Khan slammed the rich, developed world for creating tax heavens where billions of rupees were parked. He said he never understood the concept of tax heavens as billions looted from poor countries were parked in these countries and their accounts. This rubbed some the wrong way in Pakistan (Sherry Rehman and Bilawal) but Khan certainly had a point.

And he made it.

3. Addressing Islamophobia right where it hit hard–in front of the world

Khan spoke about Islamophobia at length. He chastised the West for using freedom of speech to insult Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and slammed countries where wearing hijab was banned.

4. Not just the plight of the Muslims of Kashmir…

Khan spoke at length about how the Muslims of Myanmar–the Rohingya–had been killed and almost a million forced to flee and the world stayed silent. No other Muslim leader had spoken at length about the plight of the Rohingya, especially at such an auspicious global stage.

5. When Khan trolled Modi at the UNGA

It was really funny to watch how the prime minister trolled Modi when he said:-

“Mr Modi’s entire election campaign was how he had taught Pakistan a lesson. How he had killed 350 terrorists. That was a lie, though he did kill 10 trees,” said Khan with a smile, while the audience clapped. “It was painful though since we are planting all these trees in Pakistan.”

Now THAT is a boss line!

6. Comparing the situation with World War II

Imran Khan said that it was time for the world to stop appeasing Modi and act against him before another global war occurred. Khan likened the situation to World War II and the situation at Munich. He slammed the international community and urged them to do something rather than be silent observers.

“On the one hand, there’s justice and truth. On the other, there’s a market of 1.2 billion people. The world should decide what it must do,” he added.

7. When he cautioned the world and India that Pakistan would ‘fight to the end’

He didn’t threaten a nuclear war, he just pointed towards a simple fact. That Pakistan, if left with no option but war, would ‘fight to the end’.

“I believe in only One God and my nation does the same. If faced with war, we will fight to the very end,” he said, as the audience clapped.

Bravo, Mr Khan. Bravo.

8. When he reminded the West how they were responsible for Kashmir

“It is a test for you. This was the reason why you were created, why the United Nations was made. To stop such a situation from taking place,” said Imran Khan.

Khan exposed the silence of the world and reminded them that they had guaranteed the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir.

9. Frank admissions

Khan was forthright when he spoke about the Taliban and how the Pakistan Army had trained them. He was blunt and honest in telling the world that Muslim leaders had let down their own people and not conveyed to the West how much they loved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

10. Extempore

This doesn’t need much explaining. It was straight from the heart. No script. Everything was factual, real and simple to understand. It was an impassioned appeal from a peace activist to the world.

11. Exposing the RSS

Prime Minister Khan exposed the RSS’s ideology at the global platform. He said that Hindutva extremism meant that Modi, a lifelong member of the RSS, wanted to subjugate Christians and Muslims and impose Hindu superiority over the world.