If ever the UN Security Council needs to move, it’s now: PM Khan

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NEW YORK: Prime Minister Khan on Tuesday urged the international community in general and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in particular that now was the time to take action on Kashmir.

Addressing a news conference, Khan warned the international community of disastrous consequences if the two nuclear-armed countries were to go to war.

“If ever the UNSC needs to move, it’s now… there’s potential of the unthinkable,” he said.

Khan likened the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. He said that this was the first time since then that two nuclear powers had come face to face.

Khan said that he had spoken to world leaders including those from the UK, Germany, France and USA. Khan said that Modi had committed a blunder and that once the curfew was lifted, there would be a ‘bloodbath’.

“It is madness to allow the whole situation to deteriorate further, he said, adding “I fear there is going to be bloodbath.”

Khan said that the international community had not done enough on the issue of Kashmir. He said that he was disappointed at the international community over their ‘apathy’ on the issue of Kashmir.

“For 50 days there is no news coming out of Kashmir. People of IOK residing outside the valley cannot contact their families back home,” he said.

Khan wondered how Modi could allow locking down 8 million people for 50 days.