I love father but Pakistan is home: Azaan Sami Khan

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Pakistani music composer Azaan Sami Khan said that unlike his father, he has chosen to call Pakistan his home.

Speaking to the BBC Asian Network, Azaan said that there were times when people around him reacted interestingly to what his father used to say about Pakistan.

“He’s my father so a lot of the time there’s just silence,” he said. “People respect the fact that he’s my father so they don’t say anything,” he added.

About how Adnan Sami’s decision to be an Indian had affected him, Azaan said:-

“He’s my father. I love him, I respect him. He’s made certain decisions of where he wants to live and which country he chooses to call home and I respect that. I choose to call Pakistan my home,” he added.

Azaan said that he had amazing friends from India but he felt that the industry in Pakistan was like his family.

He lavished praise on his mother, Zeba Bakhtiar, saying that she was an ‘honest and patriotic’ woman.

“If I have any values, I got it from her,” he said. “Whether they’re professional or personal.”

Azaan said that he would not like to comment on what he and his father discussed. He said that they’ve had a ‘tested relationship’ from the beginning.

“We don’t even get to speak to each other for, at times, like months,” he said. “But when we do, we just get each other,” he added.