I am ashamed at my stupidity: Reham Khan

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LONDON: Reham Khan, former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, admitted that she felt ashamed of her decision to marry former cricket captain.

“I know. I am ashamed at my stupidity. I plead guilty,” Reham wrote in response to a question from a Twitter user.

“I fail to understand how could you marry this drug addict. This seems to be an unpardonable sin,” Zain Iqbal, the Twitter user, asked Reham Khan.

In another tweet, she expressed her dismay over government’s handling of the Kashmir crisis.

“This cowardly selected and his government is unable to comprehend that Kashmir had been free a long time back if it would have become possible by taking out rallies. Stop playing jalsa, jasla and take concrete and solid steps to resolve the Kashmir dispute,” she wrote.

PM Kha had parted ways with Rehan Khan in 2015 – just 10 months after the couple tied the knot during PTI’s sit-in against the then PML-N government.