Girl whose parents were murdered pleads govt for security

Nazo Shinwari appeals to celebrities and higher authorities to keep her safe

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ISLAMABAD: Nazo Shinwari, a writer and journalist whose parents were murdered allegedly by her stepbrothers, has once again asked authorities for security.

Taking to Twitter, Nazo Shinwari broke down in a video message. She said that another bail extension was given to her stepbrothers who had allegedly killed her father first and later, her mother as well.

According to Shinwari, her father was murdered by her stepbrothers and uncle in a property dispute. Her mother gathered the courage to file an FIR against the culprits but they opened fire on her as well and killed her.

Shinwari tagged singer Ali Zafar and actress Armeena Khan in her tweet and asked them for help in spreading her message.

“They got bail extension agn in rwp. help me plz @AliZafarsays i dont know what to [email protected],” she tweeted.

In the video message, Nazo urges the judiciary to take notice of the bail extensions that her stepbrothers and uncle were getting again and again.

“When a fake case was registered against us, we didn’t get any bail extension,” she said. “It seems as if more time is being given to these killers to find out where we are and kill us as well,” she added.

Actress Armeena Khan tweeted in support of Nazo and said that she felt sorry for her.

“I literally feel so sorry for this woman! I don’t know what else to do. I don’t understand how the system works or (doesn’t). I’d tell her to just leave if nobody’s helping her,” she tweeted.