FM Qureshi says India facing defeat on every forum

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The foreign minister was speaking at Geo News’ morning show ‘Geo Pakistan’ where he said that India was staring at defeat on every forum.

Qureshi cited the example of how New Delhi had failed to convince the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs to refrain from discussing the Kashmir issue.

It must be noted that the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament will deliberate on the issue of occupied Kashmir today (Monday). Qureshi also recounted the example of how India could not contain the Organisation of Islamic Countries (OIC) to remain silent about the issue.

“India failed to convince the world that Kashmir is its internal matter. India is being defeated at every forum [around the world],” he said.

Azad Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider will represent Pakistan at the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Mr Qureshi said that the first meeting of the Kashmir cell, which has been created in the foreign office, will be held on Tuesday.

He called on the international community to do more to stop Indian atrocities in the occupied territory.

Tensions have soared between India and Pakistan after New Delhi revoked Article 370 of the Indian constitution. The article recognised occupied Jammu and Kashmir as a special territory. Scrapping the article and moving Indian troops into the territory meant India illegally annexed the territory.

Prime Minister Khan has likened Modi to Hitler and has drawn similarities between the BJP and the Nazi party led by Hitler. He has called on the international community to do more to stop a nuclear war between the two states.