Famous ‘Chaiwala’ Arshad Khan Has Returned To His Dhabba

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Arshad Khan, a Pakistani chaiwala, gained overnight popularity after a photo of him was circulated on social media.

Since then, he has been offered advertisement deals and has even been offered a role as a Pakistan army officer in 24 Hours, an upcoming movie.

He recently returned to the dhabba he was originally working at, stating that it was what jumpstarted his fame and that he believes he belongs there. He told a local channel that he sees making tea as an important part of him which he loves: “This is who I am. I don’t drink tea myself, but I love making it for other people”.

He will also continue modelling, saying that modelling is his work as well and that he won’t leave it.

Arshad plans to open dhabbas in cities all over Pakistan, due to “his passion for tea”, and is currently looking for a business partner with that same kind of passion.