Facebook spends $1bn in attempt to read your mind

Relax. Facebook has just bought a wristbands company that tries to read your mind

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The social networking giant has bought a wristbands company that enables to read the mind of its wearer, according to media reports, on Wednesday.

The tech giant made the announcement that it had acquired, for a whopping $1 billion, CTRL labs, a four-year-old company founded by Patrick Kaifosh, neuroscientist and Thomas Reardon, the creator of Internet Explorer.

This is Facebook’s biggest acquisition in five years. CTRL Labs makes wristbands that detect the signals that the brain sends to the muscles in the hand, before the wearer makes any movement.

These movements can help the wristband to predict the action that is about to be taken by the hand. Andrew “Boz” Bosworth, the head of AR and VR at Facebook, said that the company hoped to bring the technology to consumer products fast.

The country, founded in 2015, helped raise $67 million in venture capital. Bosworth said that this could change the way technology worked.

“Technology like this has the potential to open up new creative possibilities and reimagine 19th century inventions in a 21st century world,” he said.