British Pakistani businessman Zameer Choudrey appointed to the House of Lords

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LONDON: British Pakistani businessman Zameer Choudrey has been appointed to the House of Lords after receiving a peerage in former Prime Minister Theresa May’s resignation honours list.

Choudrey’s contributions to Britain’s domestic and foreign trade as a leading businessman and entrepreneur contributed in the appointment.

His philanthropic work both in the Kingdom and abroad, including his role as Chairman of the Conservative Friends of Pakistan added to his luck.

“It is an immense honour. I am truly humbled to have been appointed to the House of Lords. I have always viewed the UK to be the land of opportunity and I look forward to contributing to the continued advancement of our great country,” Choudrey told media.

He will formally take oath as member of the House of Lord in few weeks.

Zameer Choudrey CBE, being the Chief Executive of Bestway Group, has already influenced massive growth in businesses across the UK and Pakistan.

He has also served as a member of the Confederation of British Industry’s Economic Affairs Committee in previous years. He was also appointed to Deputy Chairman of the Pakistan Britain Trade & Investment Forum.

Choudrey has also regularly been asked to facilitate private government visits to both Pakistan and the UK for senior government officials from both countries to discuss how both the UK and Pakistan can look to increase trade and investment.

He grew up in a remote village in Pakistan, before moving to the UK at the age of 12.