Wasim Akram promises to pick up boxer Waseem from the airport next time

Sometimes we as a country need to be 'smacked on the face', says Wasim

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Ashamed of the treatment Pakistani heroes get in the country, former fast bowler Wasim Akram promised to pick up boxer Waseem next time from the airport.

A lot of hue and cry was raised when boxer Muhammad Waseem returned to Pakistan victorious, only to come home to a cold welcome. According to media reports, no one received the boxer after he returned home, beating his Filipino opponent Conrado Tanamor in the first round of their Dubai fight.

Waseem took to Twitter to answer a fan, claiming that he represented Pakistan abroad so that the country’s image abroad would be uplifted.

“I’m not fighting to get istaqbals at the airport. Im fighting so that Pakistan gets good Istaqbal all over the world. Every fight, every camp, every training, every tour, is another opportunity for me to show the boxing world the world class boxing talent Pakistan has,” he tweeted.

Former fast bowler Wasim Akram noticed the tweet and apologised on behalf of the nation. Wasim said that next time, he would pick up the boxer from the airport himself.

“I apologise on the behalf of Pakistan, Sometimes we as a country need to be “smacked on the face” with the fist of reality to wake us up and remind us how we should be treating our hero’s. I’m picking you up from the airport next time myself! Massive congratulations on the win!” he tweeted.