Bollywood actress says she avoids trying clothes in Indian malls

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Indian actress Taapsee Pannu recently revealed that she only shops outside the country because she “can’t walk into a mall and try on clothes” in India.

Taapsee adopted the change after she rose to fame in the B-town with her 2015 film Baby, after which she felt she cannot walk on the roads or visit cafes with her friends like she used to.

“I would love to walk into the mall and shop but it doesn’t happen anymore. That’s why I shop outside the country from high street brands. It’s not like I go there to shop for a certain brand but the fact that I can’t walk into a mall and try on clothes here, I do it outside the country,” the Mission Mangal actress told Hindustan Times.

The 32-year-old actress said her family is still trying to cope up with enthusiastic fans invading their personal space, which she says comes with pros and cons of being a celebrity.

“I tell my family to put their foot down and say no but they can’t. They even try to be more understanding towards people but they are of a certain age now… They can’t keep up as I do. I am the first person in my family who is a public figure. They are still trying to wrap their heads around this and understand how to deal with it.”

On the work front, Taapsee was last seen in Akshay Kumar’s Mission Mangal.