Bilawal’s tongue slip has everyone laughing on Twitter…

The PPP chairman tried to say 'Jorta' in Urdu but everyone heard something else...

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KARACHI: PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and tongue slips are nothing new. Twitter had a field day at the Bhutto scion’s expense after his latest ‘jorta’ tongue slip.

Article 149 has most people up in arms. While the government and its supporters think its high time the PPP-led Sindh Government should have less say in Karachi’s matters, the PPP supporters on the other hand are demanding no such action takes place.

Bilawal Bhutto held a press conference to protest against recent developments that suggested the government was mulling invoking the article.

His anger led to a tongue slip that went viral on social media. Well, we can’t exactly write what he said but here’s the video. As well as the hilarious reactions to it.

Let’s give the PPP chairman the benefit of the doubt here!