Bernie Sanders supports UN-backed Kashmir solution, deplores Indian actions in IOK

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WASHINGTON: U.S. presidential contender Bernie Sanders called for a UN backed peace resolution than respect the will of Kashmiri people in the Indian-occupied valley.

“India’s action [in Kashmir] is unacceptable and the communications blockade must be lifted immediately, and the US government must be speak out boldly in support of international humanitarian live and in support of a UN backed peaceful resolution,” Bernie Sanders told the Islamic Society of North America.

In a separate statement, Bernie Sanders said that he was also deeply concerned about these situations in Kashmir.

“Where the Indian government has revoked Kashmiri autonomy, cracked on dissident, and instituted a communications blackout. The crackdown in the name of “security” is also denying the Kashmiri people access to medical care. Even many respected doctors in India have acknowledged that the Indian imposed restrictions on travel are threatening the life saving care that patients need,” he said.

He called for lifting of communication blockage in Kashmir.

“India’s action in unacceptable. The communication blockage must be lifted immediately and the United States government must speak out boldly in support on international humanitarianism law and in support of a UN backed peace resolution than respect the will of Kashmirs people.”