Asim Azhar’s latest revelation has left us all surprised…

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Pakistani singer Asim Azhar recently disclosed something on social media that left his fans amazed.

No, if you think we have some juicy gossip on him and Hania, you’re wrong. The ‘Tera Woh Pyar’ singer took to Twitter and shared an interesting detail about him.

Apparently, Asim Azhar was the voice behind the jingles of Dairy Milk (song: Kitna Maza Aya Re) and Cocomo (song: Cocomo Mujhay Bhi Do). Yes, you’re right–Asim was the one who sang these songs!

The actor even said that till date, those were two of his best songs!

“Jee, yay sach hai. I was about 10 when I recorded the ‘kitna maza aaye ray’ dairymilk wala gaana.
Bonus: cocomo mujhe bhi do was also me😈
Still 2 of my best songs till date. Yep.”

When one fan posted the video of the music video of the ad, Asim tweeted that he would save it as his ringtone.

Were you pleasantly surprised as well or did you know all along that it was Asim’s voice behind the ads? Do let us know in the comments section!