As a Muslim & Pakistani, I’m ashamed: Hamza Ali Abbasi

The actor took to Twitter to speak out against the Ghotki incident

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Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi spoke out against the Ghotki incident on Monday, calling out the extremists who had vandalized a school and damaged a Hindu temple.

“#Ghotki As a Muslim, a Pakistani, i m ashamed today & i want to apologise to our Pakistani Hindu community. We all must seek forgiveness from Allah for this atrocity. The time has come to launch an organised ideological effort against this mindset which results in such incidents,” he tweeted.

A school was vandalized in Sindh’s Ghotki district over allegations that its Hindu principal had committed blasphemy.

According to videos doing round on social media, hundreds of angry protesters can be seen attacking the school and damaged the property.

Journalist Bilal Farooqui said that the situation in Ghotki over the blasphemy accusations against a Hindu principal was getting out of control.

“Extremists have desecrated a temple, attacked homes of Hindu community members and blocked roads,” the journalist tweeted while sharing videos of the mob violence.

Pakistan’s independent rights body has raised also alarm about the outbreak of violence in the Sindh district.