Armeena Khan says lost projects for Kashmir stand

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LONDON: Pakistani film and TV actress Armeena Khan has said that she has lost projects and under threat to lose her social media accounts for raising her voice in support of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Taking to Twitter on Friday night, Armeena Khan said that she was unfazed despite losing projects.

“Hi guys, As you know I’ve been speaking out in support of human rights in Kashmir. I knew the risks, I lost projects and now I’ve been censored and under threat of losing my social media accounts. This is the price for speaking out. I won’t stop so now who will stand with us?,” Armeena tweeted.

Ms Khan has been one of the most vocal Pakistani celebrities who have been speaking out against the Indian atrocities in the occupied valley.

The Pakistani actress also wrote a letter to UNICEF seeking removal of Indian star Priyanka Chopra for backing India’s hostility against Pakistan. She also met with UNICEF officials and registered her protest.

Meanwhile, Pakistan’d Digital Rights Foundation told the actress that her social media accounts would be protected.

“We are here Armeena. Nothing will happen to your accounts,” the digital rights group said on Twitter.

Her tweet came days after Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) said that it had received more than 300 complaints from Pakistanis regarding suspension of their accounts for tweeting on Kashmir.