Ali Gul Pir shares how people take a broken family as an odd one

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Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir released a song dedicated to the children with broken families, alongside which he had also opened up about how his parent’s decision to split affected him.

“Coming from a divorced family, I always felt shame. I guess I felt like it was my fault. No kid whose parents or parent has abandoned them should feel that. This is a spoken word I wrote for all such kids,” the vocalist had tweeted with a link to his new song ‘Sorry’.

While that went in tribute to children who met with such circumstances, the celebrity recently opened up in a more expressive version of his story in a two-hour long podcast– speaking about anxiety, trauma, rejection, therapy, and his own recent divorce.

Appearing for Shehzad Ghias Shaikh’s podcast, the two discussed the negativity people often encounter on social media.

As the discussion expanded, the Waderay ka beta singer shared his two-cent on life after divorce, how it might benefit either or both of the parties in the marriage, but for children, people around them change completely. He also mentioned how a divorced family is somehow considered an odd one.

He went on to explain how suddenly sides are formed, and you lose people who had previously been around. Trauma was one challenge and believing that he was the one at fault, another.

Talking about how his own divorce devastated him, he added that humor is his coping mechanism for times like these.