Adnan Sami and Amir Liaquat’s tweet war is turning heads

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Adnan Sami has appeared on the news again for his anti-Pakistan tweets, only to receive befitting retaliation from Pakistani showbiz person Amir Liaquat Hussain.

The across-the-border singer had tweeted his pride in the release of Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan, who was captured and released following a surprise retaliation from the PAF pilots in the aftermath of the Balakot strike.


In response to his sardonic take at Pakistan’s peace gesture of returning the Indian pilot, Pakistan was also quick to bat away that tweet.

The war didn’t end there as Adnan Sami retorted to the situation by throwing shade at the latter, calling the television host “a pimple of an existence”.

Yet again, Amir Liaquat did not let go of the opportunity to disgrace the singer for his anti-Pakistan stance. He went on to state that Sami’s fame is more about Pakistan than his own being.