Abid Ali’s condition is critical but he is alive: sister

Abid Ali's sister lashes out at the media for spreading false news about the actor

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Pakistani actor Abid Ali is alive, his condition is critical and there remains a good chance that he’ll live, said his sister, lashing out at the media for spreading false news.

The internet was rife with speculation that actor Abid Ali had passed away after it was reported that his condition was critical.

Abid Ali’s daughters Iman Ali and Rahma Ali had urged people to pray for his health. According to his daughters, the actor had been ill for the past two months.

However, when false news started spreading yesterday night that he had passed away, his sister spoke to Images and clarified that Abid was still alive.

“This news that all the channels are showing, copying each other without any research on their part and circulating this ridiculous unverified information to the public, is wrong. This is absolutely wrong! They should be ashamed of themselves and they should be punished for it,” she said.

She urged publications not to spread false news about the actor’s death and said that he was alive and may get better.

“Who are these people to declare his death without even finding out what is happening? It is all a lie. Please stop it!”