Aagahi’s latest episode talks about acid crimes and solution

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Sharmeen Obaid has added another episode to her awareness campaign Aagahi, acquainting the audience with steps that must be taken by an acid attack survivor.

The latest episode, eighth from the short series, talks about acid crimes and what establishes as an acid attack.

According to a press release, “The eighth animated short film, Acid Crimes seeks to inform viewers on the various forms of what constitutes an acid crime, specifically with the intent of harming another human being.”

“The video discusses punishments for convicted offenders, illegal usage and sale of acid and other corrosive chemicals which are punishable by the Pakistani legal system, including a sentence of 14 years jail, life imprisonment, a 1 Million Rupee fine or all of the above. It also advises on safety measures that can be taken subsequently if involved in an incident.”

Aagahi is an awareness campaign for women that enlightens their legal rights, from tackling domestic violence to getting an FIR registered, the short series has bagged a nomination at the 66th Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.